cowboy poems and pictures of old cars

New Book Release — Get Your Copy Now!

We’re excited to announce our new book of Cowboy poetry is now available.

The book is enjoyable reading for people of all ages, however, it is prized by seniors over the age of 50 for the poems and photos will refresh fond memories of their own past experiences.

In “IF OLD THINGS COULD TALK” inanimate objects, birds, and animals come to life for your rich enjoyment. They speak to you, presenting an exciting, vivid view of their take on life from a vantage point out of the ordinary. Laced with humor, happiness, history, sadness, and love, the poems will melt into your heart, and as you enjoy the historical photos and meditate on the poems, you will wish to share them over and over with family and friends.

Get your copy today in our Shop.

Many thanks,
John Peeper

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